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A Proper Yard and it’s roots

Clearly, tree care is most important to us, but there is a lot of work that goes in surrounding the trees in your yard. Taking proper care of your lawn, mulching correctly, making sure the edging is done well. All things that you as the homeowner can do to help your cause creating a pleasant looking lawn. We have inquired to ask the help of a lawn care company in Fort Collins, CO to help us out. Fort Collins Lawn & Garden –, will give us some great tips about how to properly care for your lawn throughout the summer and winter months.

Some tips:

  1. Watering. When you water, make sure that you water deeply. Some residents and businesses water for about 10-15 minutes every other day. What they should be doing is watering for 30 minutes just twice weekly to get what is referred to as ‘deep watering’. This will help you use less fertilizer on your property, and will keep your grass green longer without weeds.
  2. Fertilizing. When homeowners and business owners fertilize, doing so once every 3 months is a good benchmark. If you are fertilizing too often, you will run the risk of burning your lawn, and you will be able to see the burnt lawn right away. Burnt lawn is difficult to get rid of quickly, and can take up to a full year to come back from.
  3. Power Raking. A good power raking is recommended in the spring before watering, and before you first mow your grass. Power raking removes thatch and can help repair any spots in your grass that look a little dead by helping the roots back to full strength.
  4. Check your Sprinklers. If you run a manual sprinkler system where you place your sprinklers on your lawn every so often, make sure that the sprinklers are watering like the rain would. If you have a automated sprinkler system, check your sprinkler heads once yearly to see if the heads are working properly and watering the area they should be watering.
  5. Check your mower’s blade. Something that is not done as often as it should be is for the mower blade to be sharpened. Sharp mower blades make it easy for your mower to operate like it should, and your grass to be cut correctly. When you sharpen your mower blade, you will only have to do it once every couple of years depending on use, and you can simply check it by turning the mower over (when it’s not operating) to see if it’s dull. Simply use your finger softly to see if the blade is sharp.
  6. Lastly, clear any debris from your lawn on a weekly basis. If you have a large tree that drops leaves or branches onto your lawn, make sure to remove them so that the sun and water can get to the bottom of the roots easily.

If you have any questions about the above points, just drop us a line here!

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Proper Tree Care

If you have trees on your property, and most people who live in a single family home do, then you most likely have to do some sort of maintenance to them on a yearly basis. We know that there are quite a few trees that do not require as much maintenance as others, but for the most part, Tree Care companies are busy year round either with removals, trimming, or maintaining trees for residents and businesses.

Like we said above, it really matters what type of tree or trees you have on your property. Most North American trees have branches that grow extensively each year, and don’t shed themselves. That’s where a tree care company comes into play. We have spoken with multiple tree companies in the United States, and love when we come across great companies who are not only affordable, but they care about the work that they do. The big question is, who should you hire to perform your tree trimming and pruning? Here are some tips below to help you determine who to hire.

-Does the company you are going to hire perform tree trimming, stump grinding, bush removal, and all other kinds of tree care services? If they only can cut down your tree, but are going to leave a big ugly stump behind, you might want to think about finding someone else.

-Do they have insurance? Not only should they of course have insurance for their workers, but they should have liability insurance for if one of the branches or trees that they are cutting down falls on your home. Most companies that we have looked at have over $1million in liability insurance. If the company you are looking at doesn’t have insurance, we recommend you don’t hire them.

-Before you hire the company, ask them how long it will take them to complete your job. You want to make sure that you not only know the timeframe for the job they are performing, but how much the overall job is going to cost. Don’t be surprised when they quote you for a tree removal, but then throw $400 on top of that for the stump grinding. Get that total before you hire them, and you can be sure you know what you are paying.

-Make sure they cut down the right tree! We have heard some stories in the past of tree care companies cutting down a neighbors tree because they were not sure what tree they were supposed to be removing. We’re not kidding either. This happens more than you think it does, and although the tree company will have to pay for the damages, we’ve seen cases where the neighbors end up fighting over it, and even suing each other.

-Lastly, make sure the tree company is well known in town. Don’t hire someone off Craigslist. You’re just asking for trouble in that case.

When hiring a tree care company, use caution, and go through the five points above before making a good solid decision on who to hire.

October 20, 2015 by Mike

Make a Perfect Garden with Trees and Plants

Living in Palm Beach allows you to have a green garden all the time. This means that you will be able to enjoy the beauty of green trees and beautiful plants and flowers from January to December, without worrying that any of them might perish.
beach-palm-tree-clip-art-3835However, this area is a specific one with a nice warm climate that allows plenty of varieties of palm trees and fruit trees to grow beautifully for your enjoyment.

The Garden and The Idea
When you have a house in this area, it definitely comes with a yard – a space around the house that can definitely be turned into a beautiful garden. However, what you need is an idea about how to arrange this place. You can have a patio installed here, but you will also need trees and plants to make it look welcoming and cozy.
With a nice climate like the one present in Palm Beach, you simply have to take advantage of it and make a beautiful garden instead of simply letting the yard as it is. To get inspiration for your garden, you can talk to a landscape decorator or you can check out the online websites that are specific for this kind of thing. However, keep in mind that it is your garden and you can have any kind of tree, flower or plant that you want and that is adequate for this climate.

slide-5The Landscape
When you decide to do this, you can either do it yourself or you can hire a landscape designer. It’s usually better to go with the second option, as he or she will take care of everything and all you’ll have to do is choose the plants and pay the price.
The decorator will take advantage of all the available space that you have in your yard, making it a beautiful garden by combining different types of trees – the most knows palm trees, fruit trees and beautiful flowers that can be bloomed all around the year.
This is an art – to know exactly what tree goes with what tree, or what plant can be places near what plant, because there are different colors, shapes and sizes and there needs to be an homogenous aspect for the final look of the garden.

The Price
The price will depend exclusively on the size of your garden and everything that goes tampa_florida_beach_palm_trees_290x196in it. Some trees are more expensive than others, and so are the plants and the flowers that you can choose for your garden. When you do this with a landscape decorator, he or she will show you a wide catalog for each of them, so that you can choose what you want and what fits best there. You can also let the decorator choose everything, but in this case you need to fix a budget for him to fit in.
Usually, even if you are the one who chooses the plants and the trees, you will always get recommendations from the decorator, as he or she knows best what goes better with which of the plants.

2_140pngIn the price paid to the decorator there is also included the trees, flowers and plants, but also the labor that goes with arranging your garden. If you think of doing it yourself, just imagine what it would mean to look for specific types of palm trees or fruit trees, different flowers or different plants, bring them home and dig holes for each of them. In the end, you might realize that you have neither the time nor the knowledge to do this right, so it’s better if you call a professional to do it for you.