May 27, 2016 by Mike

Proper Tree Care

If you have trees on your property, and most people who live in a single family home do, then you most likely have to do some sort of maintenance to them on a yearly basis. We know that there are quite a few trees that do not require as much maintenance as others, but for the most part, Tree Care companies are busy year round either with removals, trimming, or maintaining trees for residents and businesses.

Like we said above, it really matters what type of tree or trees you have on your property. Most North American trees have branches that grow extensively each year, and don’t shed themselves. That’s where a tree care company comes into play. We have spoken with multiple tree companies in the United States, and love when we come across great companies who are not only affordable, but they care about the work that they do. The big question is, who should you hire to perform your tree trimming and pruning? Here are some tips below to help you determine who to hire.

-Does the company you are going to hire perform tree trimming, stump grinding, bush removal, and all other kinds of tree care services? If they only can cut down your tree, but are going to leave a big ugly stump behind, you might want to think about finding someone else.

-Do they have insurance? Not only should they of course have insurance for their workers, but they should have liability insurance for if one of the branches or trees that they are cutting down falls on your home. Most companies that we have looked at have over $1million in liability insurance. If the company you are looking at doesn’t have insurance, we recommend you don’t hire them.

-Before you hire the company, ask them how long it will take them to complete your job. You want to make sure that you not only know the timeframe for the job they are performing, but how much the overall job is going to cost. Don’t be surprised when they quote you for a tree removal, but then throw $400 on top of that for the stump grinding. Get that total before you hire them, and you can be sure you know what you are paying.

-Make sure they cut down the right tree! We have heard some stories in the past of tree care companies cutting down a neighbors tree because they were not sure what tree they were supposed to be removing. We’re not kidding either. This happens more than you think it does, and although the tree company will have to pay for the damages, we’ve seen cases where the neighbors end up fighting over it, and even suing each other.

-Lastly, make sure the tree company is well known in town. Don’t hire someone off Craigslist. You’re just asking for trouble in that case.

When hiring a tree care company, use caution, and go through the five points above before making a good solid decision on who to hire.

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